Foreign Currency Exchange Rates applicable when you sell currency cash, travellers cheques or travel card.
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Yes! You can Get Better Rate!

For better rates and the best deal call us

040 2355 5223,Mobile 0 98498 38502

Updated On Saturday, 12th October 2019 IST
. . Currency Name We Buy .. .. Chan.
USD US Dollar 72.549 -0.004
EUR Euro 80.422 -0.006
GBP British Pound 92.428 -0.005
JPY Japanese Yen 0.675 -0.000
AUD Australian Dollar 49.601 -0.002
AED UAE Dirham 19.919 -0.001
SAR Saudi Arabian Riyal 19.520 -0.001
KWD Kuwaiti Dinar 242.695 -0.037
CAD Candian Dollar 55.662 -0.003
ZAR South African Rand 5.295 0.000
HKD HongKong Dollor 9.397 -0.001
MYR Malaysian Ringgit 17.948 -0.001
NZD New Zealand Dollar 46.637 -0.002
SGD Singapore Dollor 53.371 -0.002
NOK Norwegian Krone 8.162 -0.001
CHF Swiss Franc 72.655 -0.001
SEK Swedish Krone 7.583 -0.001
DKK Danish Kroners 10.938 -0.001
THB Thai Bhat 2.530 -0.000
BHD Baharain Dinar 195.693 -0.011
OMR Oman Rial 190.522 -0.010
QAR Qatar Rial 20.191 -0.001
CNY Chinees Yaun 11.012 -0.001

We Also Deal in Other Currencies Listed Here.

Please note that these are Indicative Rates.
For Internal Circulation Only.
Coins are not accepted.
Legacy currencies: We accept only the Last series.
Rates are subject to change without notice.

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